A Gentleman’s Guide to Pinterest: Four Reasons Why It’s Ok to Sign Up

PinterestMemeFrom Xanga (yeah, I had one) to MySpace, Facebook to Twitter, SnapChat to something I haven’t heard of yet, our generation knows its way around a “share” button. We get social media in a way that others just don’t.

That’s why I signed up for Pinterest when I first started hearing people talk about it. I quickly realized that I was one of a few of my male friends to actually have an account. So, instead of closing it down immediately and acting like it never happened, I decided to investigate. I got made fun of by my guy friends. A lot. And that was fine with me. Here’s why:

Pinterest is for dudes, too. Don’t believe me? Look at the brands that are pinning on Pinterest as we speak: Southern Proper, Onward Reserve, The Tie Bar, the list could go on for hours. College style just isn’t the same as style when you graduate, and Pinterest has you covered.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, here are four reasons why I recommend all males, guys, dudes, gentleman and the like sign up for Pinterest today:

1. Your wife/girlfriend/main squeeze/love interest is on Pinterest.

This one is really the most obvious to me. You are a man who is constantly trying to figure out women. Either you spend countless hours figuring out what to get your significant other for special occasions, you ask her mom/friends, or you buy something at the last minute that you didn’t want to buy and she didn’t want to receive. Enter Pinterest. Girls are literally pinning hundreds of things on “boards” that they want to get. It’s a gigantic wish list of the things she wants to eat, buy, receive and do. And you are a stud and you want to give her all of those things. So get on Pinterest, follow your girl, and be the stud you claim to be. If you don’t have a significant other, that’s ok too. Let me continue…

2. Your apartment needs to look better than the fraternity house/dorm/hell hole/bonus room at your parent’s house that you are used to living in.

I am guilty. I thought my Led Zeppelin posters, fraternity plaques and Starry Night prints would be just what my bland-looking living room walls at my first apartment needed. I was wrong, and if you think that way, you are wrong too. You need to step up the decorating and turn your apartment into your home. Nobody wants to come over to your place and sit on tailgating chairs eating Ramen noodles on a paper plate. Pinterest can assist you in finding cheap, manly ways to make your apartment look like you actually made an effort to spruce it up.

3. You are expected to provide food when you throw a party.

Once your apartment is looking nice enough to have guests, you need to prepare for a post grad party, which involves appetizers and finger foods. If mom hasn’t lent you all her old church cookbooks, Pinterest is here to help you. Search for tailgate foods or light appetizers and find things that wouldn’t be too difficult to make. You can even search terms like “Five Ingredients or Less” if you are really trying to save time and money. This is much easier on Pinterest, especially if you follow a few people who have opinions that you trust.

4. Things in your apartment break. You probably don’t know the easiest ways to fix them.

I am not mechanically inclined, and even if I was, there are things that happen when you’re living on your own that will baffle you. Few males probably know this, but many people “pin” ways to fix things or solve problems. One of the best examples I found on Pinterest occurred when I wanted to transform my foggy headlights on my 2001 truck into newer-looking headlights. Many a snake-oil salesman markets a product claiming to fix this, but the price of these products for me was outweighing the benefit of the change. I found on Pinterest that rubbing toothpaste on your headlights actually cleared up the fog.

So, there you have it. If you’re not convinced, that is ok with me. But I would highly recommend guys adopt Pinterest. Make it your own. Use it to your benefit. Be confident enough to do something out of the ordinary or unexpected. You’ll get more respect for that then you’ll ever get for that Led Zeppelin poster that everyone already has.

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